Women have come a long ways in the last century. We are no longer required to be defined by a man’s success; we can be successful on our own! The stigma attached to having a monthly period no longer exists and should not prohibit us from being all we can be in whatever we want to do with our lives.

 V-CUPS® is one small step women of all ages can take to make a difference. Take a leap of faith and join me as we forge a new path and methodology for dealing with a monthly issue. In the process, we can also do our part to conserve our natural resources, and eliminate some of the accumulating waste in landfills across the world. We can do this together!

Hello my name is Kaitilyn Nicole, founder and President of V-CUPS®. I am a young millennial who is driven by excellence. I am hardworking and constantly thinking outside the box. My goal is to come up with new ideas that enable all women to be successful in whatever endeavor they attempt. My family and friends call me fearless when it comes to defending a cause I truly believe in!  I enjoy traveling, learning about new cultures and experiencing new challenges. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty if it means helping someone or furthering a cause I believe in. A cause that I am dedicating my life to is the empowerment and education of feminine hygiene to women of all ages.

We need to embrace our bodies and celebrate our diversity. Not ever feminine hygiene product is going to be a perfect fit for every women and that is okay, but we must be educated on all our of options to make the best choice. Menstrual cups have been a game changer for me! I am able to go about my day worry free from leaks, I have saved money and most importantly I am helping to save the environment. Like so many of my generation, I am constantly redefining my goals, educating myself on possible opportunities that can make a difference, and networking with people who share similar philosophies.


It is my fervent wish that every woman will try this product and enjoy using it as much as I do.

-Kaitilyn Nicole