Cleaning your menstrual cup

While there are standard instructions on how to clean your menstrual cup, additional methods can be used, and are all based upon personal preference. These additional methods include: using our V-CUPS Cleansing Wash, soaking your menstrual cup in vinager and or boiling your cup.

*PLEASE NOTE: Do not use any harsh chemicals or substances to clean or sanitize your menstrual cup such as bleach or dish soaps. If using a lubricant to help assist with insertion, DO NOT use a silicone based lubricant, as this will damage the material of your menstrual cup. If boiling your menstrural cup, do so at your own risk. Silicone is a conductor of heat, do not touch your cup right after it has been boiled, as it may cause a burn to your skin. Also do not leave your menstrual cup boiling and unatended. V-CUPS will not be held liable to replace a menstrual cup that has been damaged by a dry burn from boiling.