The V-CUPS® team stands on the shoulders of generations of strong and inspiring women. Scientists, politicians, explorers, leaders. We didn’t get here by ourselves, but we’re ready to blaze a trail for the next generation. Every woman is uniquely different, with different strengths and passions.

We want to celebrate the diversity of women’s bodies. No more is the status quo a parade of blandly similar period products. Are you ready to join the revolution? We come from a long line of inspiring feminists, and we’re thrilled to continue the tradition. Women of the 60s and 70s tossed away their bras and girdles as a critique of the restrictive system in which women are valued for their looks and not their whole selves.

By creating the V-CUP® as an alternative to tampons, another symbol of gender handicap, we hope to continue that movement as an acceptance of the whole of women’s bodies. Just as they are, without shame, stigma, or suppression. If you believe in women’s health empowerment and education, support and connection, the V-CUP® team wants to help connect you with your whole self—strong, inspiring, and unique. No more period shame, no more holding back from life. 


Have You Been #CUPVERTED™?!