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Periods are a normal part of life and nothing to be asamed of.....its something we all go through, and we are here to help educate you and guide you along your journey into the Cupverted club!

 You have questions, we have answeres! - If you have a question you do not see answered here please reach out to us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Yes, if you have not had sexual intercourse you can still use a V-CUP menstrual cup.

Using a menstrual cup should not hurt you. If you are inserting a cup for your first, time you may experiance a feeling of pressure when inserting and when the cup pops open to form the seal. This is perfectly normal, and once you get over the inital learning curve of insertion you will not even notice its there.

No, because the vagina is only about four or five inches deep, the V-CUP™ cannot get lost or stuck. If you have a high cervix and using a model 1, you may experiance that your cup has slide up a little further then when you inserted it. This is fine, just use your muscles to help push the cup down while inserting in your fingers until you reach the base of the cup.

You may experience leaks for a number of different reasons: When inserting your cup you did not make sure to rotate the cup 180 degrees to ensure that it popped open. The cup may have popped open, but there may be a slight indent on one of the sides which is causing part of the cup to collapse. It is important once the cup is inserted to run your finger along the bottom to make sure you do not feel any indents. You cup may also leak if you are leaving it in too long, dependent upon your flow. If you have a heavy flow make sure to check every few hours.


Yes you can go swimming with your V-CUP in, and added bonus: no more embarrassing strings hanging out of your bathing suit bottom!

Yes you can sleep with your V-CUP in, just make sure to check it every 6-8 hours!

Unfortunately you can not keep your V-CUP in during sexual intercourse. For ease of insertion and removal, the V-CUP™ sits low in the vagina and so should be removed before sex.

V-CUPS Menstrual Cups Are A Total Game Changer!

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