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V-CUPS® (2 Sizes Included)

V-CUPS Menstrual CupsV-CUPS® reconnects women with their bodies. Our menstrual cups ensure the adventure doesn't stop just because you're on your period. V-CUPS® are made from 100% medical grade silicone to ensure comfort and durability. Does not contain any latex or BPA's.  Our sleek bell-shaped design with easy grip ridges makes insertion / removal easy and comfortable. Offers up to 12 hours of leak free protection. All of our packages come with both sizes, this helps to eliminate the guess work of calculating your size before purchasing. Recommend life span of one year, may vary due to care and maintenance of your cup.

V-CUPS™ Cleansing Wash

V-CUPS Cleansing WashThe perfect wash for your menstrual cup care. The Cleansing Wash is an all-natural sanitary solution that cleanses your cup in between uses and at the end of each period. Because your V-CUP® spends its time against the delicate skin of your vagina, our wash does not contain any dyes or harsh chemicals. It’s a safe, easy, and effective way to keep your cup clean, both during your period and in-between cycles. With an all-natural Lemon Verbena scent, it smells so good you’ll be tempted to use it on your face or body, too—go for it! The natural formula is an effective cleanser that’s great for your skin. Our gentle V-CUP® Cleansing Wash leaves you fresh, clean, and irritation-free. Simply lather a small amount on the cup, rinse, and experience the freedom and empowerment of being cupverted™. 

Ingredients: purified water, sodium coco sulphate, olive oil, coco betaine, soy amide, sea salt, guar hydoxypropyltrimonium chloride, parfum.