What makes V-CUPS® unique from other menstrual cup companies?

  • We offer both sizes in all of our packages to eliminate the guesswork of calculating your size before purchasing
  • Once you purchase a V-CUP® Menstrual Cup you are then added to our #CUPVERTED CLUB on Facebook. This is an amazing group of people who have purchased our products and offer tips, tricks, and general menstrual cup education. Great experience for first time cup users looking for advice.
  • We are 1 of 3 brands to offer a cleansing wash with our menstrual cups, along with other tops brands such as Diva Cup and Lunette
  • V-CUPS® has teamed up with a group of OBGYN Doctors from MN to offer a weekly ‘Ask The Doctor’ experience…. We created this because although anyone can offer tips and tricks from their personal experience, we feel it is best to provide accurate and easily accessible medical information from medical professionals.
  • V-CUPS® customer service is second to none. We respond to all comments, messages and calls within hours not days.