V-CUPS Menstrual Cup Cleaner - 12oz Bottle All Natural Solution

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V-CUPS® Menstrual Cup Cleaner - 12oz
-12oz bottle (best value in the industry)
-100% All Natural Ingredients 
-Compatible With All Reusable Menstrual Cup Brands Including Diva Cup, Lena, Super Jennie, Blossom and Lunette
-pH Balanced Solution is easy on the delicate skin of your vagina 
-Scented With Lemon Verbena To Leave Your Menstrual Cup Smelling Fresh & Clean
-Multi-Purpose Solution, Can Be Used As A Body Gel Or Face Wash As Well
-Cruelty Free & Vegan 
Incorporate our V-CUPS® Cleansing Wash into the monthly care and maintenance routine for all of your feminine hygiene products. Our easy-to-apply clear gel creates a thick later that cleans away stains and odors, can be used on reusable menstrual cups or pads, sponges or discs. We offer the best value in the industry with our 12oz bottle! 
V-CUPS® gentle yet effective solution will cleanse your period cup and not harm the delicate skin of your vagina. V-CUPS® Cleansing Wash does not contain any harsh chemicals, BPA's, paragons or sulfates.
Increase the lifespan of your menstrual cup today with our cleansing wash. 
Customer Service is Our #1 Priority. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Ingredients: purified water, sodium coco sulphate, olive oil, coco betaine, soy amide, sea salt, guar hydoxypropyltrimonium chloride, parfum.